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My goal is to make you the cocksucker you are in your dreams and accept your real place in nature.
Real Men dont have any thoughts about sucking on a dick or getting fucked by a man.
Sucking on your knees is a submissive action towards a dominant stronger person you surrender.
Getting fucked is the ultimate submission because you let him make you his priority by giving up your ass for him to use.
With these thoughts you cant be a Real Man,and you never were.
But dont worry,it’s not a bad thing.
Im here to make this clear and make you accept that your feelings and fantasies are just as natural as the other people’s.
If sucking a cock or just the thought of it makes you sexually aroused that means you are an inferior male and the arousal of submission is just a gift from the nature.
With this gift you are able to enjoy the surrendering and the inferiority so use it.
Suck a big dick,take it in your ass and cum like a girl you are inside.
Whatch,listen,obey my instructions to be the perfect cockslut for Real Men because it is your role in life if you searched my site.
ACCEPT,PRACTICE,BE A HAPPY COCKSUCKER sissy hypno trainer feminization hypnosis gay hypnosis

Show me your progress


Show me your progress by sending me pictures or videos of your feminization.

To prove that the video or picture is real you have to show a paper with the text: MrMaster.

If you ask I can even put it on the site(if it’s really hot) so the others can get some extra encouragement by you.

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